With PLS, you just have to focus on your business ideas. Our team takes care of all the bureaucracy, from setting up your company, to processing your registrations.

  • Scriptures
  • Official Records
Your company is focused on its clients, while PLS ensures that the documents pertaining to your business defend your peace of mind.

(Portuguese, English, Spanish and French)

  • Sworn translations
  • Documents
  • Certificates
  • Scriptures
  • Notarial translations
  • Letters
When you start a business, your financing needs grow. PLS has the right partnerships to find your financing according to the projects developed and your financial needs.

  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Financing
  • Preparation of Business Projects
  • Banks
The handling of correspondence ensures that business between companies is conducted as agreed. We read, write and translate your company’s correspondence to ensure your business.

  • Read
  • Written
  • Translation
Accounting services are provided by our partners who are specialists in taxation and tax.

Ashgrove Accountants – Small Businnes Accounting & Tax Specialists

Virtual Executive Services

Your company needs to have a physical address and PLS is the solution for telephone and postal services.

  • Telephone Service
  • Postal address
We register your company and deal with all tax issues. Your accounting is important so that your tax balance sheet is balanced and in accordance with the reality of your company.

  • Accounting
  • Taxes
The choice of the best banking solutions for your company’s needs was a sensitivity we developed by understanding what your company needs, and what financial products our partner banks can offer.

  • Opening an account
  • Loans
  • Financing
We have specialists for whatever form you need to fill out to deal with the Public Administration, on paper or online. Make sure there are no errors when filling out your company’s forms.

  • Filling out all kinds of forms on paper and online

PLS develops, along with its portfolio of contacts, the research on human resources necessary for the proper functioning of your company. We try to locate the best opportunities and make the necessary registrations so that your company focuses on the essential.

  • Search
  • Offer
  • Taxpayer Card
  • Human Resources

All the insurance your company needs is part of the product portfolio we represent. Facilities, vehicles, accidents at work, credit, goods and transport among all the other needs of your company.

  • Health
  • Properties
  • Vehicles
  • Events

Legal services are provided by our partners for different geographies.

Portugal – SLM Legal Services EN/UK

United Kingdom – Millibank Solicitors

Other Services

  • Legal Assistance
  • Legalization of Foreigners
  • Citizen’s Card Renewal
  • Social Security
  • Legalization of Residence
  • Individual Accounting
  • Tax Reimbursement
  • Tax Returns
  • Payment of Fees
  • VAT
  • Credit Control
  • Tax and Social Security Register
  • Alcohol Licenses
  • Commercial Licensing
  • Licenses to change physical spaces and activities

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