We are more than just a brand. We are a trusted brand with 18 years of activity in the Portuguese business market. A brand that belongs to our Staff, which differentiates us for being a team full of authenticity and human spirit. Young, yes, but mature and safe in the solutions we present.

We recognise each other’s talent, skills, abilities and effort. We share our own stories and experiences to illustrate what we consider to be the main lessons to be shared among colleagues. We are loyal.

We value teamwork as being fundamental to the search for new and original ideas, for a good working environment and for a much more efficient and intelligent performance.

We have a realistic attitude. We believe in knowledge, logic and not magic.

The needs of customers are the main inspiration of our team, and so we maintain a constant learning relationship.

The primacy and success of our Human Resources staff is awarded by the customers themselves.

The long years of effective work experience in the consultancy market, means that the values of PLS Consultants are properly identified and qualified.

Underlying the organisational culture, we find the following values:

  • Ethics, a fundamental requirement in the relationship between people and organisations, consolidates trust. We use this value in any internal or external approach.
  • Quality, we always try to meet the requirements imposed by our customers and our work philosophy.
  • Innovation, we seek the continuous improvement of our services, imposing new requirements and levels of demand that contribute with added value to the contribution of our work with customers.
  • Profitability, we systematically seek profit in direct relation to the value we want to add to the customer. The focus on this value allows for prosperity, sustainability and growth.
  • Recognition, we seek to value and encourage the effective contribution of all agents, particularly our employees, in the diversity of ideas and in the perspective of improving the quality of life at work and the services provided.
  • Secrecy and Confidentiality, we seek a relationship of total transparency and trust with our customers, always guaranteeing an adequate and selective information and communication policy, always respecting the purpose of using the same given by the customer.
  • Qualification and Competence, we always seek the application of know-how based on qualified technical and scientific competences, materialised in the level of qualifications of the work team and the degree of advanced knowledge of our employees.

This is a crucial way to sustain our values in a highly competitive market.


Our technicians are qualified for all the services we advertise, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom and the European Union.

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Our team takes care of all the bureaucracy, from the constitution of your company, to the processing of your registrations.

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